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#265496 - Stretching and getting up from my comfortable chair, running my eyes over her boyish figure, walking around her to stare at her perfect little ass, I sighed, heading inside, knowing that probably sooner or later, this young hunk Marcus will be stabbing his black snake in and out of my little girls tight little cunt. Like Mutt and Jeff walking together, but a great pair to see together. I was sitting at the kitchen table when Miranda walked in, smiled with her sweetheart of a smile and pushing her hip out with her hands on her waist, asked in her cute little girl voice, Well Daddy, how do I look? Then twirled around so I could see her new bikini.

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Yuu naruse
Hes nervous
Liliruca arde
Seat on my cock
Minami kawashima
2 of my favourite stars but this movie was low key ridiculous too far