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#387365 - Loving myself meant that I could step back from the situation and see how pathetic and sad my ex was because he felt so driven by his sexuality and so ashamed of it that he had to hurt, use, manipulate, degrade, humiliate, and deceive people for his sexual satisfaction and that that had nothing to do with me, my value as a lover, or my ability to make sound choices in a partner. You want to lay me down on your bed, push my legs back, and aim your hard cock and my unrepentant, sinful cunt, don’t you? You want to bend me over, my big, round ass sticking up for you to slide your hard dick in me like your animal instincts tell you to do, fuck me hard, make me scream, make me cum all over you. That’s insane.

Read Hole Gekkoutou no Yume - Nyotaika Douwa - Original Wrestling Gekkoutou no Yume - Nyotaika Douwa

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Noriaki kakyoin
This aint from the philippines
You turn me on like that
Osomatsu matsuno
Oh wow it was so damn hot now i want to be fucked in all my holes