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#1884 - So here I am wanking with Hailey standing the other side of the shower glass looking at me, “Oh my God, your gross, cant you do that in your room, I have to use that after you” I push the door open, grab a towel and dash to my room, as I enter it I hear Hailey’s two friends asking what was up, “It’s my little brother, he’s been wanking in the shower, he’s so gross, I can’t wait to tell mom on him, he’ll be in so much trouble” I sit on my bed, shaking with fear, really hoping she doesn’t tell mom, but there nothing I can think of to do, to change her mind, then I hear, “What’s wrong with you, haven’t you played with yourself in the shower before now”? “Yes but that’s different” “How”? Hailey push’s my door wide and say’s “I don’t have a cock like this pervert and spray my cum all over the place” her friends look in, I’m laying on my bed, the towel covering me, I see a smile, “Come on Hailey, it’s not that bad, you don’t have to tell your mom, he’s not hurting anyone” Hailey comes up beh

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I love ur nipples
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Beautiful hentai
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The sequel would premier on idtv
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Can we get an f the chat for her sunburn
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