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#308687 - Now lets get to the damn story already, It started on Christmas vacation me, my sister and my parents always go to our cabin for Christmas vacation for as long as I can remember, and it is a pain let me tell you, 4 hours in a car with my bitchy sister will make anyone in their right mind consider killing themselves or her, The cabin is nice though once you get there, its very private, one road in and out and its surrounded by endless forest the newrest town is a 30 minute rive in good conditions and we had been lucky every year going there to never get snowed in……. Now lets start with looks thats how all of these start right, Anyway I will start with me, Jack, first I am 16 years old, 6'2'' and about 180 Lbs a little on the muscular side with a alright sized dick at 7 and a half inches but I have a good girth to it, I like to keep it well trimmed down there cause I figure if I like it on a girl they probably fell the same way basically I am as average as one

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