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#112004 - 12:30 was the number flashing in the watch Tavo picked up, a digital watch that anyone could buy on the street, IF they had the money to do so but this was more or less stolen, and Tavo had barely begun to use it, he could investigate what this thing does later now his mind was flashing the scene that happened earlier that night, those boys touching, rubbing their bodies in such a sensual manner, he had seen the bodies of many boys before but only in the showers of the convent nursery, no this was different he had never thought of that boys could attract him, sexually, he then drifted his sight to Pepe, he remembered when they used to take showers and that hardened his pecker. “Dude you don’t mind if. 5 inch cock when he came all over the magazine.

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To anyone interested this is a japanese eroge simulator called koikatsu or koikatu
Julianne stingray
Great hentai
Tsukushi tsukamoto
One of the best on here