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#357881 - He had masturbated thinging of his cousin a few time's but that was all he had never intended to do anything about it or get the chance for that matter her nipples were erect and were a much darker colour than Sam would have ever expected and they fit her body perfectly, Sam started to reach out his hand when Linda jumped on him, had Sam have been expecting this he could have braced himself but because he didn't they ended up falling onto Linda's bed where before Sam had a chance to catch his baring's he suddenly realised there was a tounge in his mouth, it was his cousins she was full on making out with him, Sam pushed her away to tell her to stop when Linda said something that stopped him dead, ''I've been waiting for this chance for years but someone always gets in the way'' Sam was shocked was this why she was still a virgin? Had she been waiting for the chance to FUCK her COUSIN all this time? Before Sam could say anything h

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