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#288767 - Mia and I spent an hour smoking together I asked her why she loves to smoke a lot she asked me the same question I told her it was because friends got me into it and its amazing to smoke after sex she gave me the most surprising answer she told me it makes her horny in a way I can see that its always exciting doing something naughty. After we both snapped back to reality we realised we left the door open and in that door way we saw my little sister Mia poking her head in the doorway Ned was quick to grab her and pull her in and close the door behind us i stood there in front of our little sister half naked with cum and piss pouring out of my recently fucked pussy with the angriest expression on my face i went face to face with her ok what did you see you pervert i ranted at Mia she was acting all nosey trying to ask us if we were having sex and like an idiot i told her no she then pointed at my pussy letting me know there’s cum and something else dripping out of me i couldn’t r

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