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#163764 - 'I might have known you wouldn't leave him alone' Mom said laughing 'So' Vera said 'this is the mysterious cock you have been going on about' I turned towards the door and my cock seemed to grow again as 3 sets of eyes moved to my cock 'Oh my, that thing is fucking enourmous' Vera gasped 'Yes' giggled Beryl who had regained her composure 'and he knows how to use it as well' and with that wrapped her hand round my shaft and slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth. 'Right first up, you have all seen my cock, so know how about you slowly strip off while I sit here' and sat down on the settee. I then heard a groan from the other side of the room, I looked over and saw Beryl slowly mounting Mom, only it wasn?her fanny she was filling it was her arse, Beryl was arse fucking Mom and they both looked as though they were really enjoying it.

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Ai fuyuumi
Im not jealous but envious and delighted these girls are precious and rare