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#122513 - i said no that i was fine but she wanted to get out so i came up from behind her i told her nooo that she will stayi with me or else. i saw the look on her face of helples but i didnt care so i grab her tits and ass and told her that i wanted her since the first day i saw her and again she said stop or i will tell i toll her go head i didnt care at the moment so i turn her around and force her to kisss and but she didnt so i pull her by the hair out the pool into the deck were i lay her down and rip her bathing suit and now she was all naked i was so shock to see that she had a bush around her pussy but i loved it she try and get away from me but all i did was pull her hair harder and force her to open her mouth and put my dick in it. so here she come with a one pc one wow here breast look sooo good and i could see the outline of her pussy lips my 7 3/4 dick and 2 inchest thick was so hard wen i saw he

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