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#90093 - I may have gotten beat up by that big muscular Californian but I figured I could get in a few good licks and definitely break up the action with my wife! Even if I had to deck Stacy and send her to the hospital with a broken jaw, it would be worth it to save my marriage! Todd and Laura obviously lacked any morals what so ever! The biggest stake in my heart was my wife’s outlook on doing anything sexual with complete strangers that I’ve tried to do with her myself. She’d probably start night clubbing our home city canvassing for large cocks to service her stretched pussy or she could easily empty out our bank accounts and hop a plane back to California to meet Todd and his buddies’ big cocks! I sat in the living room and waited for Laura, Todd and Stacy to arrive back. Prologue: I’m attempting to write an ending to the continuing story series about a California business/vacation trip taken to Southern California by Stacy and her husband.

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