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#49436 - As people started to leave the party at Charlotte's house she grabbed his hand and took him upstairs into her parents bedroom it was dark and Ryan couldn't see but she started kissing him and moving her hands round him touching his arse then his cock. She pulled his head down so she could whisperer in his ear 'I want you to so something special for me' 'of course anything Ryan whisperd back his cock prodding her in the stomach 'I want you too suck me off' she softly whisperd to Ryan he was shocked but excited 'how can I do that' he said back then he noticed something hard poking him 'my strap Charlottetete said with a smile this had always been one of ryans desires to be fucked but a woman with a strap on he nodded and saOKOKCharlottetfinishedheded stripping him and put a blind fold on him and tied his hands behind his back with herRyanyanan dident dare say a word as in her mind he was her bitch her sex slave and he would do anythin

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Holy mother of god that was so hot love the deep throating
Makoto aki
I want to watch this with you peeing at the same time
Etsuko toyohara
Thanks ginger kisses