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#368334 - I couldn't believe the heat and tightness of her long abandoned pussy, I rammed her pussy hard, thrusted into it vigorously, I felt as if she had lost her consciousness, but after a few thrusts, she exploded in an enormous cum, shivered and quivered like crazy, contracted her thighs and pussy walls around my still hard shaft; Soon after I pulled my dick out of her pussy, and polished her groin and belly with a flood of cum, that I had never produced before, the cum nearly emptied my balls, I felt them jump with the throbbing ejaculate. She had already been doing all of these issues with me lately, well, of course, except for the last two points; It just then hit me, when she said what I was just thinking of! Well, I chat with you, I complain to you, I tell you what bothered me, this way, only the last two are missing-out! She then, trying -without success- to change the subject, asked me: why won't you start a relationship with someone? I imitated her exclaiming words, ask

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