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#283473 - He took his cock out, pulled my whole body forward about a foot so that just my head would hang over the edge of the bed, by this point I had a raging hard on but couldn’t do anything because my hands were still attached to the bed, with my head hanging of the edge, the man goes ahead with sticking his big juicy cock in my mouth and starts fucking my face, all I can see are his sweaty balls hitting me in the nose, he went on like this for about two miniutes as I felt his cock head swell in the back of my throat, he started shooting a huge load into my throat, I tried to just swallow it all but some of it came out of the sides of my mouth and ran down into my eyes. thxx every on leve comments on what your tink!!!!. I still could not speak, my face as red as lipstick he then said “hey don’t be ashamed I think it is kind of cute” he reached in his pocket grabbed a one dollar coin and flipped it to me, said “thanks beautiful ill see your later with a wink, got in his car and drove off”

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Leo saionji
Luke from we r change lol
I am bong i am bung sing a song ning nong nung
Nagisa misumi
Nice cock i love it