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#82069 - but big bro the place looks amazing it will be the best holiday ever and the size of the shopping mall's on the island well lets just say watch your bank balance grinning away at me and smiling back at her, about half hour later we arrive at the airport both climbing out i go to get the luggage from the boot (trunk) handing the tickets and passports to Nicky i drag the luggage to the entrance after locking the car, just after walking through the entrance she notices that our check in line is short because of how early we arrived with the excitement building further she turns to me then dashes for the desk slamming the documents down and calling for me to hurry up so the lady at the desk can get us checked in. only 2hours before we are due to land and finishing off our meal that looked fit for only the wealthiest people would be presented with. Nicky takes my hand and looks relieved that the turbulence has been avoided and that the pilot is bringing us back on course, th

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