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#350702 - All's I can ever tell you is the truth, When I first met you I sort of hoped you would just be one of those people who would walk away after a couple of days, I didn't ever intend for you to become a big part of my life, I never intentionally let you become the one person who would make me see the world in a whole new light, I never intended to fall in love with you, I never even wanted to, I don't ever mean any offence by that but I know I am always better walking the lone road in life, I always will be much better off alone as when i'm alone there is no damage I can do to any other soul other than myself, Well I guess I do owe you one massive thankyou in life, You showed me true love, I know you only fel true love once and I am always grateful that I found it with you, I will always love you even though you no longer remember me, I'll always remember the way you left me speechless whenever you spoke, I'll always remember the way you would never accept an

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Nice tits
Ken amada
Mmmmmmmmmm how nice her beautiful body writhes and twitches