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#130318 - She ask who's there and I say in a deep voice delivery she opens the door and I rush in pressing my hand to her mouth before she can even react and wrap my body around her before she can run she starts to scream into my hand I quickly shut the door and over power her seeing as she is 5'4 and 120lbs. I slip on a robbers mask covering my face and have sweats and a hoodie she has never seen before I knock on the door and move out of sight so she can't see me through the peep hole. I've been talking to her about anal for a long time and I figured this was a good time to show her pleasure could come of it not just pain like she assumed I could tell she was getting close to orgasm the way she was moan and bucking so I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her wet pussy waiting to plunge my cock to the hilt when her orgasm struck so I can send her into a wonderland of pleasure and right when it hit I did just that and her body shock with an intense orgasm as I let her

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Does anybody know where to find this lingerie set or what its called thanks
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I want you every
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