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#87385 - So the next day i wanted to actually undo her top and see her bra which i had never seen on her but did in her draws so i was waiting for her to start feeling drowsy and it was about 9 she was wearing a white blouse and and a white bra i could see it through her top my cock was rock hard as i sat waiting i was talking to her and looking at her tits when i noticed thaat her eyes were shutting i started to feel my cock through my trousers then i heard her breathe deep i went over to her and i lifted her hand up it was dead she was drunk again this time i was going to undo her top i undonr the first button then the second i had to let m cock out i was standing with my trousers on the floor wearing a pair of mums knickers purple ones undoing her buttons two more and her top was open wow a nice white bra i rubbed my hand over it and bang my cock was starting to move itself i could feel me starting to cum which has always been dry i grabbed my cock and wanked it then i felt it my org

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