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#314237 - I watched in amazement as her body responded to my finger massaging her wet snatch, the three-inch wide dark spots on top of her teats wrinkled up and sprouted two firm purple nipples that rose up nearly an inch from out of her ebony mounds, her pussy grew wetter, her wide nostrils flared out like a big baboon as she blew heavy, excited, breaths through them. I had to work nights a lot, and one night when it was raining really bad, I seen a woman walking down the sidewalk with a baby in one arm and another young-un holdin to her hand. Katherine got really mad at her boy and yelled at him and told him to leave.

Read Innocent [Kurokura Eri] Onee-chan to Issho! Ch.1-4 [English] [biribiri] Huge Cock Onee4

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