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#166753 - my name is zach im16 and im at my pool and im swimmimg i just got done to then i saw the hottest girl in school she 16 she just got donw swimming down at her pool i could see her thorgh the gate and i saw her get out and i got massive boner she was coming thorgh the gate i tryed to hinde my boner she siad hi i said sup she asked what are u hiding form me i siad nothing (i was holding up my right knee so she so could not see it) she asked me aging i said fine i put my knee dowen her eyes went big she asked if she could see it i siad no plz can i plz i have nevr seen one befor plz zach plz i siad fine i pulled dowen my swimming trucks her eys got bigger i was blushing i got has red as u could get she asked how big is it about 9 10 inched (i was guess to inpress her) she asked if i can tuch it i siad if u tuch it it my jiz out some jiz she started to laugh she isad dont ket it i siad i will try not to she tuched it it hard as rock she pulled back she was getting horny she siad igot to go

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