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#283861 - In the shower, that morning they did it to me again, with me standing between them, their hands were kind of holding me up off the floor as they impaled me, I could hardly breathe again as they tried to crushed my helpless naked female form between their two hard, black bodies as they slammed me with their cocks! The guy behind me was pulling my hair, and the one in front was squeezing my sore breasts, with one cock in my pussy and the other in my ass! OMG I loved this! Later that morning they made me cook them breakfast ordering me around as helpless slutty naked slave girl! They pawed me and slapped my ass making crude remarks as to what they were going to do to me next and every chance they got. They kept pulling my hair and yelling at me to suck their cocks even harder! Their words were making me hotter and hornier and I was able to breath easier as they switched these two big beautiful black cocks back and forth.

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Motoki haruna
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Baby you are so sexy love this vid shame he did not cum inside you or on your face or cute tits
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Excited and risky i liked it