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#245744 - Brett and Shamus talked low then walked over and asked how I was while they grabbed a big log about 500mm in diameter and over a metre long, I told them I was a lot better as they rolled the log over to in front of the fire then walked back and grabbed a leg and an arm each and carried me over to the fire, they had inadvertently had me spread wide as they carried me to the log so all eyes went straight to my pussy. I had the feeling that none of the guys except Rod would actually mind if I came along so what started out as a flippant remark by me had started to grow into a possibility in my suspicious mind. I stepped under the water and let out a scream, the water was freezing cold! Guys came out from the tents and the guys that were swimming came running over expecting a burn victim but the whole 10 of them started pissing themselves laughing when I shrieked out “its bloody ice cold” “Look at them nipples, you could hang your towels on em” laughed Brett They were all la

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So good
Eli ayase
Japanese women are wasted on these little dicks