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#141175 - The smell of smoke and sex hits your nose hard as you slowly scan the walls you see girls standing there some of the tied and gagged all of them naked and open for any man to have there way with them ,gently you lick your lips thinking of the fun your going to have with your new slave. You pull me up to my feet and unbind them you then lift me up using one hand you part my legs I kick you away from me as you place me over a 2’4’ that you have suspended by the ceiling its high enough that my toes can barley touch the floor all my weight it on my pussy lips I close my eyes as I try to balance to get the pressure off of my pussy you tie me so I cant move . Suddenly the strength in my legs gives out and I fall under the water gasping for air as water floods my lungs quickly you press the button to drain the tank opening the door you run to my side checking for a pulse when you see im not breathing you quickly start CPR until I cough up the water in my lungs and begin to breath again my

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Kukaku shiba
Very hot
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Lana can take anything