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#350110 - and she told me Glenda wanted to meet me & introduce me to her dog & show us where various things where,we went round the night before Glenda was due to go & the door was answered by a petite, attractive older lady,wearing a cream blouse,black skirt, black stockings/tights,high heels,greying hair & immaculate make-up,come in,you must be David, Susans told me all about you all good i hope i replied,oh yes ,she says your very good i felt myself blushing at this as she lead us into the lounge & poured us some wine,could you do me a favour?Glenda askedthe dog has gone out into the garden & won't come in & as you can see i'm not really dressed for traipsing around out there,would you go & get it in for me please? o. i explained to them that the robe was a bit short for me & i wanted to save my modesty, we can't have you siting there in that wet towelsaid GlendaSusan go into the bedroom & see if you can find anything in our wardrobe that will fit David. when

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