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#398137 - As my beautiful, (naked) wife sat back down, her sparkling eyes, glazed with lust, and desire, they met mine, I knew she wasn’t going to be able to take much more of the intense foreplay she was receiving. Reading Playboy and Penthouse never bothered her before, and then we would have some of the greatest sex after or even during. Hell we even have to schedule sex around them and even then, let me give you a example: One evening Karen and I were making love…the door closed, and Karen got a little loud, Picture this! My son John knocks on the fucking bedroom door and Asked Karen if she was alright …She just said, Yea, What do you want, I’m ok, just go! Then looked at me, She looked like she was possessed or something, She looked at me, and in a most evil tone, said FINISH ME! Of coarse I had to oblige and we had the hottest hardcore sex you can imagine, but that is another story, and mostly the exception to the rule.

Read Black Dick DQN-kou wa Ore no Kyokon ni Muchuu - Original Clit DQN-kou wa Ore no Kyokon ni Muchuu

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