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#413128 - com) ******************************************** At 6pm Jessica could be smelled all over the neighborhood by this time she was dead and almost ready to be served, Ok we need to get the pig moved over to the prep frame now Susan said as she picked up a large knife and walked over to the prep frame, Hey Ted Steve called over to his new neighbor who gave a slight shudder at hearing Steve call his name, I need your help for a sec, you mind? Steve added waving Ted over. THE END. Thanks Ted, stick around a sec ill need to get the pig back over the fire Steve said as Susan walked over to Jessica and placed the tip of the knife just under her breast bone and began to make a deep cut all the way to her pussy mound as the skin split apart a thin line of red blood mixed with the fatty cooked grease started to drip out of the wound, Once the cut was made Susan put down her knife and used her fingers to part the skin further to reveal the mass of entrails inside her belly.

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