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#113575 - 60 year old Sonia used to be a stripper & has big fake tits . 58 year old June was now being spanked by Joyce Evans , & she was also calling her Mistress on orders of her new Master Mark . Nina Rogers & June Jones , Nina was a 56 year old teacher at Mark's former high school , at 5ft 4 red hair , she was all natural with big fat tits & ass, her husband was a balding overweight hardware store owner ,who was a lousy lay , & even though Mark had hypnotized her & hubby Ernie, Nina was glad she was getting some young cock & Ernie loved watching when he was allowed to (cuz he was now a cuckold ), June was a regular everyday housewife with a slim athletic figure & dark black hair , before she had been hypnotized she had never even sucked dick .

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Another hentai with glasses and a lot of spit baby
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