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#177705 - The night seems to go forever, as she stays in a daze, making smalltalk with patrons, but her hearts no longer in it, her heart walked out the door 2 hours ago with John, the man she never stopped loving, who she was sure now despised her, or if he didn't, and had time to think, would by morning. yesssssssss she screamed as she came hard, squirting onto her bed sheets as she slammed down onto the bed, unable to control her body, while gripping the bedhead with her left hand, her middle finger still deep in her pussy and her thumb on a very sensitive clit as she clenched her legs together to stop herself fingering or rubbing any further. Amber knew she had to get John back now, she was just too stubborn to know how to make it happen.

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Kiri komori
Her name is jordan
Seijuurou akashi
Nice very nice
Momone nishizaki
Just magic
Karma akabane
So pretty and hot