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#326815 - You two are in a whole heap of trouble, Property Damage, Damage to government property, Assault of an officer! Lin Beifong roared at Korra and I as I looked up at Lin and said nonchalantly You've changed alot Lin, and, you can't seriously be considering pressing these Charges against the Avatar and her Guardian now! I finished as I smirked at her an a frustrated expression split acrossq her face I may have to she began as a viewport was opened and an Officer peered in Cheif, Councilman Tenzin is here he stated to Lin as he slid the viewport closed again and Lin turned away from Korra and I What's he doing here she mumbled angrily beneath her breath as a door opened infront of her and Tenzin stepped through quickly as he put a half hearted smile on Ah Lin you are lookin radiant as usual Cut the garbage Tenzin, why are the Avatars in Republic City, I thought you were moving to the south pole to train her! Lin retorted in frustrated rage

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