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#163133 - Miranda listened intently, asking pertinent questions, and taking an interest in every detail from cost to installation procedures. When he was finished with his presentation, Miranda Fortune asked, How soon can you install it? I can move my schedule around and start it tomorrow, he replied quickly, is that too soon!?! On the contrary, she answered quickly,, that would be just great, about eight o'clock shall we say? Back at the office Dan was assembling all the gear and hardware he'd need for tomorrow's job, but his mind wasn't really on security systems, it was on the fantastic body of Miranda Fortune, and although the plans didn't call for it, Dan threw in micro video camera into his parts box! By three o'clock the next afternoon, Dan had all of the windows and doors hard wired, as well as a state of the art motion detector that was hooked up to an out side light. Owning his own company, Dan was always on the lookout for new business, and

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