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#269752 - As part started many friends of Dianna started to remove their clothes and get into the swim suits, all the freinds of our mom were so sexy and damn hot all them were either c to d cup, before the party started our mom instructed us that her friends were not from here they are from her home country and they are different from us. Alex my sister she was very playful she pushed me into the pool and ran away, but what she did was actually thrown me into heaven, when i was underwater i saw only naked boobs and pussy around me and in that excitement i forgot that i was underwater and took a breath i got choked and started to move fast everyone saw me and someone took me in their arms and put me on the bench, as i was in her arms i saw two gaint boobs in my face and when she was putting me down one of ger nipple rubbed on my mouth.

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Mamoru chiba
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