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#371085 - You said oh please don’t stop no matter what you hear from me, you are doing things to me that no one has ever done before; I almost feel drunk. You wrapped your legs around my hips and tried pulling me inside you. I slid my tongue between your fingers and licking around your clit; just then you started squirting a gusher, it spurted up to my face and your hands now had my head slamming into your pussy, each contact brought more of your cum jetting out, I opened my mouth and began catching some of the cum and started gargling it, your cheeks were beet read and your body was squirming, and dancing and trying to evade the next assault with my mouth.

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Yui kusano
For me to know and for you never to find out lol
Akiha ikebukuro
Just a perfect pmv thanks
It makes me so wet and want to be fucked so bad