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#56596 - I saw the look in his eyes, and moved my hand to wank his semi stiff cock, he didn't move as it grew in my hand, then after he was fully hard, I went down sucking him, again he didn't move his cock stayed hard and responded to my mouth, after 5 minutes or so, he was nearly ready to blow, but not yet, as I turned, lined his cock up, and slowly slid down onto him, if he pushed me away no problem, but he let me dropped fully onto his cock. It was hard to keep a eye on all that was happening as guys fucked us any way they wanted, more had arrived now some 15 or so guys stood naked around us, not to many limp cocks either, as most guys even after they have cum, get horny watching the girls being used, no one is making love, we are all just fucking, and boy we love it, even the girls, I know Lyn goes into what she calls her slut mode once the orgies get started, not worried about who does what to her or me, except pain. Now Kerry was in trouble some dozen or so guys with her and m

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