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#17577 - I know I have affronted God and justice; but since 'tis you, my sweet lady, who are appointed to chasten me, I most earnestly entreat your indulgence in my regard. Well I know, said he, that I have greatly misbehaved. Little precise information exists upon what he did to Augustine, but, notwithstanding his love for her, she was seen to return in tears and, ominous sign! one of her fingers had been twisted.

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Rikka morizono
I teased my girlfriend for a full week but never let her do anything more than biting my neck so she did this to me as a punishment and left me like that for 2 hourd while she went shopping and then watched me have multiple orgasm when she came back i was covered in cum and my clit was so sore afterwards and for 2 days even wearing panties hurt me
Yukiho kousaka