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#277673 - They saw our point of view rather quickly once they saw the numbers. ‘You ok? X’ He smiled, a girl who jumped straight to leaving x’s on their messages were usually interested, ‘Yeah, just chilling, wbu?’ ‘I’m ok thx, just relaxing, watching TV x’ Me too, what you watching?’ ‘Just the after talk from one of the centaur races x’ Jason glanced up at his screen, a centaur, roughly nine foot tall and built like a tank was grinning, speaking to a reporter who was stood on a set of steps holding a microphone up to him, discussing his win, ‘Me too lol, It’s crazy how fast they are. But every few days I go to a groomer, trim the hair, get my hooves done, that sort of thing,” she explained, delighted to see just how attentively Jason was listening.

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Kazuma satou
What a good girl
Shizuku oikawa
This is sooo hot like a fantasy