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#355469 - Jessica, why does stealing undies make me perverted? I just want to throw them away’ I asked ‘ummmm, jack its hard to explain, men often steal undies to sniff them’ ‘what?????? Why would they do that? That’s so disgusting’ I asked ever so innocently ‘ Men just love the taste of women. Then she slowly pulled my boxer, my last remaining piece of clothing off, revealing my semi hard penis. I asked her ‘do girls masturbate as well? Can I see you do it please???’ ‘Of course Jack, it wouldn’t be fair not to teach you everything about sex’ She told watch her carefully as she slowly undressed This is my first time writing so please comment and tell me how i can improve and do you want me to continue this in part 2.

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Sahli lao
It s big
Yuika mitsumine
Nossa que mulher e essa muito gostosa
How i wish a woman would do that to me