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#73945 - Friday It started on the Friday in school, nothing special, just a bunch of Nerds in the back room of the library taking turns on the few computers and watching each other play games, normally when I got there, some one would take up two seats or move one out the room, they all knew that I had no problem sitting on a lap, or on the floor between their legs so I could use a lap as a pillow. Because it's hard to talk to someone when you have your face buried in their crotch, I got up and straddled him, leaning forwards so our foreheads were touching, and said that I would love that, and that I had repaired the jeans we broke the weekend before sliding down the cliff face.

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Manatsu natsuumi
You are so beautiful good luck
Yuuki hase
Love it
Rin kaenbyou
So whats next