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#273892 - I pulled her close, pressing harder with my hand; she reached out for me, moving her hand down my body scratching as she went, growling under her breath, my turn to feel out of control. He could see we were just getting more and more frustrated as we looked into each others eyes, knowing that neither of us had what we needed! We were pulling each other closer and closer almost getting angry that neither of us had what we so wanted! I looked up and saw you at the door, you looked strong and in control, the look of lust in your eyes as you held your hard cock, there it was, what I needed and so did she, I smiled and dipped into her lips, kissing her passionately, I smiled, a twinkle in my eye, she caught my look and knew everything was ok. I moved my hand downwards towards her baldness, slipping over her freshly waxed pussy, finding her now rather swollen clit, I pressed firmly against it, holding tight so as not to wake her, again I waited for her body to except me in her sleep

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