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#251251 - I let all the guys cum at least once then asked to have one of the dogs fuck me, the new Sheppard walked over, his mouth open, he licked my cummy ass, within seconds he was up and fucking me hard, I love the way this dog pounds me, he is faster than the others, plus his knot is bigger, I just had to get all his cock in my ass, my orgasm going strong as he enjoyed my body, I knew it would be soon that I will once more feel him shot me full of doggy cum. out dropped around a $1000, not bad for a day's fun, Grant asked about it, when I told him, he laughed saying, we both enjoyed it for free, but to get paid for letting the guys and animals fuck us was even better, he sent Steve a message saying we would be back in two weeks time from Friday to Sunday night, and no limit on the number of guys.

Read Lez Chuu-chuu Neko o come!! - Touhou project Teamskeet Chuu-chuu Neko o come!!

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Kazunari miyoshi
Always swallow
I want to live in your street
Kozue takanashi
Please someone find the sauce