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#151075 - I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, my sister? If she wanted some toy I could bring it to her so she can play or something, but a cock? Such dirty thing full of hair and all that? And she wanted it whitout presure to put it between her soft virgin lips and suck it and lick it? It was so confusing for me! Then they took the rest of clothes off, she was totally naked, and the guy licked and smelled her virgin pussy a few minutes before putting her doggystyle and fucking her like a bitch, after some time fucking, he told her to get on her knees to suck his cock again, she did it like a good girl, she loved getting on her knees in front of him, then he pulled his cock out and came very hard over her beautiful, gorgeus cute face, it was all covered in cum, my little sister’s face!!! Oh my god! After all that her friend told me that if wasn't surprising for her, all my sister talked about previous weeks was about worshiping a cock, grabing a cock, licking a cock, licking i

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