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#321563 - It was only then that I noticed she was completely naked, I marvelled at the perfection of her coffee-coloured skin … there didn’t seem to be a single blemish on it! Then I grabbed her by the sides of her head and dragged her towards me slightly, until her head was just tipped backwards off the edge of the bed. When I was adequately filled (I didn’t even normally HAVE a cooked breakfast – but I wasn’t going to tell HER that!), I said “Right my little Rundi – upstairs NOW! … Go to my bedroom and wait for me” Whilst she trotted obediently away, I went to the garage and fetched a ball of rough rope I had stored there for years, just on the basis that it would ‘come in handy’ one day … today WAS that day! When I walked into the bedroom she had already closed the curtains; ‘She’s learning’ I thought.

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