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#328281 - “What? Are you telling me that you guys were watching Sally and I in here earlier” “Yes darling, how do you think I got up the courage to fuck Peter in front of you, I wanted too and yet I did not want to feel guilty about keeping it a secret from you and after I watched you girls having fun I knew I had to have Peter whilst we were in the same room” “you silly boy” Jan replied, “it’s a bit exciting having sex with the same gender isn’t it, I can see where Sally is right, the camera can break down any inhibitions, we had better get some sleep darling”. Top down the girls climbed aboard waved good bye as they backed out the drive for girl time shopping, I had noticed how Sally had gone and changed her clothes to something more skimpy once it was decided that they would go out, Jan told me later how Sally had leaned over and given her a kiss at a set of traffic lights when some guys were stopped alongside perving at them. Sally kept working that black cock at my arse until slowly b

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