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#222151 - trust me Jack you don't want to see this part she said as she slam me the door and dashed for the toilet. Cass was staring at me and noticed my embarrassment, go on Jack its not like I haven't seen you hard before I was shocked I asked, when did you see my hard on Cass kinda smiled and said,well Jack you aren't exactly quiet when you are jerking off and I was curious so I kinda peeked at you once Once again I was shocked, but I knew she was right cause I could get quite loud when I got near climax, so I finally stripped off my boxers and revealed myself in all my glory to my sister Cassie's eyes got huge and she saidWhat!?! this isn't going to work when I peeked you couldn't have been more than 5 inches how the hell are we going to get that thing in me well I am guessing you were peeking at me when I was younger and obviously it grew some Cassie, don't worry I tried anal with my old girlfriend and I know its going to hurt

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