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#170699 - v at the end of the night everyone went home but i asked harvey to stay a little longer i gave brit $30 for a cab home me and harvey sat in the living room i laid down and harvey did the same we had are arms around each other and just looked into each others eyes i kept thinking how much things have changed 10 weeks ago i thought harvey was such a jerk and now here i am engaged to him looking deep into the gorgous brown eyes (Harvey) I watch Leon fall asleep in my arms. but thanks for your support i walked off to my room and slammed my door behind me i laid on my bed looking at my ring my mom came into my room and i said your getting use to just coming into my room she sat next me on my bed and said listen love im sorry i was just a little suprised have you told your dad? aaa see the thing is my mom interupted and said he is going to freak out when my dad got home i asked him to come sit down so he did i pured my dad a drink and said im engaged i closed my eyes ti

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Kasumi haruno
Wow those are some gorgeous penises what a fun hentai to watch i would love to be shocked like these girls but where do they find these guys i have enjoyed fun times with good looking men with great bodies but never a penis even close to these i really want to have one
Uruka takemoto
Dick nasty is my fav hot daddy