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#221943 - Diego started thrusting his cock harder and harder in the girl’s pussy, she couldn’t speak for a strange reason, but she was moving a lot, the aliens quickly anaesthetized her, so she could stop moving, he continued fucking her for two hours in a row until he finally ejaculated, his penis had a lot of contractions and the cum was dripping from the girl’s pussy, some aliens recovered what they could from Diego’s milk, it was so valuable, now the forest of pubes had a different smell, the smell of lust was amazing and it was so warm at the same time, after five days the leader discovered that the girl was pregnant with a boy and a girl. The little creatures needed another man to produce more elixir, but before starting, they needed to insert the millenarian worm inside his urethra to modify his testicles, this new guy wasn’t as hairy as Diego, but he had a long penis.

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